Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yeah, He's Clapping

Two years ago my best friend gave me the video cassette set of Your Baby Can Read. I really wanted to test it with Jaden, but the Dr. who made the series recommended that the baby watch no other tv programs. That proved hard me to do because I have 3 other children who have favorite shows that they watch.

Anyway, for about a month we've been playing the starter video for Jaden. He really likes it! When he hears the music, his eyes are just glued onto to the tv. One of the words that they go over in the video is "clap." And Jaden has started clapping. That's tremendous for me because anytime I try to get him to clap, he takes my hands and clap my hands. He never used to clap his hand himself. I must say also that they started doing "clap hands" in his ABA program as well.

The next gesture I would love to see him do is to wave hi and bye. His not waving and clapping was an early indication to me that we may need to seek help.

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