Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jaden Started an ABA School

Jaden started home-based therapies in October. He gets it 3-4 hours/5 days a week. I was very apprehensive about sending him to a school. At the time he wasn't even 2 years old. But at the suggestions of the therapists, I decided to look into it. One school never got back to me. Another school just happened to have a student aging out in December, so Jaden was ushered in rather quickly.

He started the school in January, for 2 hours in the morning/5 days a week. It's a school where the focus is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)--a style of teaching using a series of trials to shape desired behavior or response. Skills are broken into small components and taught to child through a system of reinforcement. I've been driving him there (again apprehensive about sending him on a bus.) But after observing how the bus and attendants operates, I decided to sign him up. The service hasn't started yet, so that's a new experience for us to look forward to.

Jaden's non-verbal communication is developing. His eye contact is very good. He points sometimes. And also exciting is he sits in a chair at the table for longer periods.

We stopped putting him in his Baby Tenda feeding table recently. Actually, he broke it up. So we had to deal with him always being up and on the go. At first, we would put his waffles on the table and he used to pick it up and eat on the go. Now we can tell him to "sit, sit quietly" and he will sit himself in the chair and eat his food until it's done. He sits better now than his sisters did when they were his age.

We're happy with how Jaden's progressing.

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