Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Understanding PDD-NOS

Understanding PDD-NOS

I've come across many explanations for PDD-NOS. Some say PDD-NOS is just a euphorism for autism. Some say that PDD-NOS is not on the autism spectrum. Some say that it is but not severe.

I came away with the following conclusions for my understanding.

  • PDD-NOS is a diagnosis given to children 3 years old and under because doctors feel it's too early to determine if the child has autism.
  • PDD-NOS is a disorder on the autism spectrum, but the behaviors and symptoms displayed do not totally fit the classic definition of autism.
  • PDD-NOS is not necessarily a less severe version of autism.
  • Children with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorders) do not necessarily learn from their surroundings as typical children do, and that's why...
Early intervention and intensive, good-quality ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) are said to be crucial in helping the children learn, become social and perhaps lose the PDD-NOS diagnosis.

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