Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DVD Teaches Autistic Kids Meaning of a Smile

Another interesting article about more ways to help autistic children. I haven't looked into purchasing this dvd yet, but if you've tried it or plan to, let me know how it's going for you.

DVD teaches autistic kids what a smile means

By Maria Cheng, Associated Press

LONDON — It wasn't until Jude met Jenny that the 3-year-old autistic boy understood what happy people look like. Jenny, a green trolley car with a human face, had a furrowed brow when her wheel buckled and she got stuck on a track. But after being rescued by friends, she smiled broadly — and that's when something clicked for little Jude Baines.

"It was revelatory," his mother, Caron Freeborn told AP Television News in Cambridge, England. Before watching the video, Jude didn't understand what emotions were and never noticed the expressions on people's faces, even those of his parents or younger brother.

Jenny's adventures are part of a DVD for autistic children released this week in the United States called The Transporters.

The DVD teaches autistic children how to recognize emotions like happiness, anger and sadness through the exploits of vehicles including a train, a ferry, and a cable car.

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